••• moonshine runners society ••• Join us as we run beneath the original running light during each month's full moon.

Interesting Facts

Things that make Moonshine Runners Society unique
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Safe Route

Monthly runs take place on a rural country road following a valley creek and pastures between rolling hills with very little traffic.

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The Original Running Light

Wear reflective clothing and a headlamp, which we only turn on so we can be seen by a rare oncoming car. Then it’s lights-off after the car passes so we run under the original running light.

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Conversational Runs

Weeknight runs are 4–6 miles in length and weekend runs sometimes go longer…runners’ choice. All distances are at an easy, conversational pace as we enjoy the night together.

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Runners of all skills levels welcome. There will always be someone who can run your pace. Bring your dog!

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About Moonshine Runners

"We ran as if to meet the moon." ~Robert Frost

Originally founded in the hills and hollows outside Nashville, TN, the Moonshine Runners Society meets to run on the night of each month's full moon. The experience is like no other running experience as avid runners and nature lovers gather for a conversational, recreational run (typically 4–6 miles) guided by the original running light. "Membership" in this society is free and automatic...after attending a moonshine run. Come enjoy the experience.