2021 Moonshine Run Dates Announced

Here’s the list of dates for 2021 Moonshine Runners Society full moon runs.

These moonshine run dates are closest to the time of day when the moon is actually full. For example, if a full moon happens at 3:00am on a certain date, we’ll run the night of the date before so we run under the fullest moon. Long way of saying that these dates may differ slightly from other calendar’s published full moon dates.

January 28 (Thursday) – Nashville, TN … Wolf Moon
February 26 (Friday) – Nashville, TN … Snow Moon (crossing fingers for a white blanket over the pastures)
March 28 (Sunday) – Nashville, TN … Worm Moon
April 26 (Monday) – Nashville, TN … Pink Moon
May 25 (Tuesday) – Nashville, TN … Flower Moon
June 24 (Thursday) – Nashville, TN … Strawberry Moon
July 23 (Friday) – Nashville, TN … Buck Moon
August 21 (Saturday) – Nashville, TN … Sturgeon Moon
September 20 (Monday) – Nashville, TN … Harvest Moon
October 19
(Tuesday) – Nashville, TN … Blood Moon
November 18 (Thursday) – Nashville, TN … Frost Moon
December 18
(Saturday) – Nashville, TN … Cold Moon

Mark your calendars for these dates. Rain dates are typically the night after these, if needed, though sometimes the night before per weather forecast at that time. Be sure you’re part of the Facebook group and Strava club so you’re automatically notified of specific details. Looking forward to seeing everyone at these runs.

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