Always run with Road ID, now a supporter of Moonshine Runners Society

I’m excited to announce that Road ID has joined the luna-cy as a Supporter of Moonshine Runners Society. Road ID is simple identification you wear all day, giving you peace of mind for every adventure. These super lightweight identification badges can be customized with your emergency contact information or vital medical info for first responders or even display your favorite motivational quote to empower you on life’s adventures.

Road ID badges can be worn on your shoe, wrist, necklace, ankle, watch band plus on your pet and kids.

As a Moonshine Runners Society supporter, Road ID has offered a FREE $10 Gift Card through Nov 30 to moonshine runners plus some free high visibility gear as giveaways on upcoming full moon runs. Fast as lightning $2.99 shipping in US (free on all orders over $50), and a percentage of every order benefits a charity (and you get to decide which one).

I’ve worn a shoe mount Road ID for nearly 15 years since my competitive road cycling days, and the reflective face plate adds an extra level of security during low-light run runs…especially on night runs with ye moonshiners. Now I run in several different pairs of running shoes, and, though I can easily move the badge from one pair to another, I sometimes forget to do that so. But I always have my Garmin watch, so I’ll be asking Santa for the wearable sidekick model that attaches to my watch band so it’s always with me for “peace of mind on all life’s adventures.”

Equip yourself and loved ones with the one accessory no athlete should be without—a Road ID. Simple, stylish ID that you customize with the information most important to you, from emergency contact numbers to vital medical info. Enjoy A FREE $10 Gift Card.

Big thank you to the team at Road ID for supporting our society. “Worry a little less and do a little more of what we love.”


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