Human Race podcast gives a nod to ye Luna-tics

There’s a special nod to your Moonshine Runners Society in the introduction to this entertaining episode of my top favorite running podcast.           Human Race is my favorite running podcast, and I daresay my all-time favorite podcast of any topic. It’s about running and racing, but moreso it’s about humans who Read more about Human Race podcast gives a nod to ye Luna-tics[…]

Free month of coaching opportunity

I’ve learned of a free-month-of-coaching opportunity I’d like to share. Back story…a year or so ago I came across a YouTube channel for The Run Experience, chock full of videos with training tips, injury prevention, strength training, mobility improvement, etc. It’s become a key go-to for information. The Run Experience is offering a free one-month Read more about Free month of coaching opportunity[…]

Two kinds of Strawberry Moon-shine this Friday

Next Friday (June 9, 2017) we’ll bask under the Strawberry Moon’s shine. So it’s fitting that this month’s full moonshine run include another form of Strawberry Moonshine, the small batch jarred version. This beauty…Jar #1…goes home with the moonshine runner who brings the most first-timers. A great way to spend a Friday night for sure. Read more about Two kinds of Strawberry Moon-shine this Friday[…]