Free month of coaching opportunity

I’ve learned of a free-month-of-coaching opportunity I’d like to share.

Back story…a year or so ago I came across a YouTube channel for The Run Experience, chock full of videos with training tips, injury prevention, strength training, mobility improvement, etc. It’s become a key go-to for information.

The Run Experience is offering a free one-month access to their training club, which can be a month-to-month program anyway if you wish so it’ll be a good introduction to what they offer.
Entry is free with a simple email of your workout file/link showing you’ve done 25 burpees. The coach’s recommendation is to complete a 5K while doing 5 burpees after each kilometer. Simple.
––>>Entries are due Saturday (tomorrow, June 10) so this is an act-now scenario.<<––

To meet the deadline, I’ll be doing those sets of 5 burpees after 5 of our moonshine run kilometers tonight at our full moon run (welcome to knock out the burpees so you can enter on time too) since I have a charity fun run Saturday morning. Tonight’s my chance to get this done.

Thought you’d like to know about this free coaching opportunity. I’ve been impressed with their video content, and I’ve heard good things about their training club. And it only *costs* 25 burpees. Easy peasy. Comment below if you’d like the email address to which you’ll send the free entry, and I’ll send your way.

Looking forward to seeing everyone tonight under the full moon.


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