Full Moonshine Run–May 2017

The next full moonshine run of 2017 falls on Wednesday, May 10, under the luminance of Flower Moon to signify the flowers that bloom during this month. It’s also known as the Corn Planting Moon which is super cool because whiskey is made from corn. 8)

Meetup is at 8:45pm from Osborn Soccer Park south of Nolensville for a 9pm start. This month we’ll enjoy 6.7 miles of easy pace (~10–11min/mi) conversation under the original running light as part of the Ragnar Chase The Moon Challenge.

Also…free Moonshine Runners Society swag to all who attend.

Wear your reflective gear and a head lamp (for the rare vehicle on this country road) under this month’s full moon light.

Night Owl asks “Whoooo hooooo…who’s in?” Feel free to share with your running club and buddies. Full moonshine running is a must-experience experience.

Rain date is Thursday, May 11. Same time; same place.

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